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CCI Alumni Webcast: International Education Week – November 16, 2023

We’re celebrating International Education Week with CCI alumni and Assistant Director, Sara Mohamed. Join us online as we discuss the role of international education in fostering global citizenship and professional development. There will be time for discussion, so be ready to share your experience as an international exchange student!



CCI Alumni Webcast: How Are Indian Alumni Making an Impact? – October 24, 2023

This engaging session will shed light on the incredible efforts of Indian alumni who have embraced their roles as changemakers within their communities. Puja will share their inspiring stories, focusing on the diverse range of challenges they have tackled and the innovative solutions they have implemented.



CCI Alumni Webcast: Where Are They Now – October 2023

This webcast features alumni experiences from Martin Jonah (Ghana, College of DuPage, Engineering, 2021-22) and Pew Chowdhury (Bangladesh, Northern Virginia Community College, Tourism and Hospitality, 2016-17) as they discuss their CCI journey and the initiatives they’re implementing within their communities.



CCI Alumni Webcast: Cultural Exchange – September 2023

This webcast features alumni experiences from Mahan Telegbe and Nada Amin, who discuss their cultural exchange journey. They will also talk about what they’re doing to make a difference in their communities. There will be time for Q&A and discussion so be prepared to talk about YOUR experience because we’d love to hear from you too!.



Contributing to the Climate Movement

One of the key goals of the international climate movement is for our planet to not surpass a global temperature rise greater than 1.5 degrees celsius. For that to happen, action is required at all levels – global, national, local, community, and individual. But how can individuals get started? How can individuals continue and scale their action efforts? At this webinar, you will gain a deeper understanding of the youth climate movement, opportunities for getting involved in the movement, how to identify problems and solutions, and the process for creating, implementing, and scaling action plans. We will also discuss challenges young people face in trying to act on climate and some solutions to address those challenges.


CCI LIVE: Effective Communication in Virtual Spaces – September 2021

Communication is a complex skill that involves intertwining layers of meaning, intention, context, and interpretation; adapting to the different contexts, aims, and people is key to improving communication skills. This is especially true for communication in virtual spaces as the online world has become a more common part of our everyday lives. Now, an effective communicator is one that not only understands the physical communication space but also the virtual space and is able to apply communication strategies to that virtual space.


CCI LIVE: Remote Meeting & Conferences Best Practices – June 2021

Just because logging in to a web meeting platform is simple, it does not mean that online events require any less planning than in-person events. In this webinar, participants will learn best practices related to planning and participating in online meetings and conferences. We will cover general use of equipment and etiquette.


CCI LIVE: Leveraging LinkedIn – March 2021

In this global, digital age, to grow your network, build your brand and find the right opportunities, there is no more powerful tool than LinkedIn. Are you using your profile to its full advantage?

In this webinar you will learn:

  1. A couple of key ways to enhance your professional brand for the greatest impact
  2. The accepted etiquette for networking, outreach, and advanced searching
  3. How to increase your credibility and visibility on LinkedIn


CCI LIVE: Cultivating Motivation and Finding Opportunity in Adversity – December 2020

In this conference, CCI alumni will hear from several leaders in different fields about their strategies for staying motivated to learn, to lead, to innovate, and to help others in challenging times. They will also learn how to strengthen their own ability to recognize – and make the most of – the opportunities that can be found in adversity.


Understanding Disability and Building Inclusive & Interdependent Communities – November 2020

Disability is a natural part of the human experience. In addition, people who are deprived of opportunities, resources or safety, for example, experience disability at higher rates than people in well-resourced and safe communities. Discrimination against disabled people harms all of us, especially people in marginalized communities. There are laws, policies, practices and advocacy that safeguard the rights of disabled people and ensure that disabled people have access, resources and support needed to survive and thrive.

This session will offer various perspectives on disability and ableism; provide information about disability rights and trends in disability advocacy; and offer concrete ways that people around the globe can ensure that disabled people are valued and centered in all types of advocacy. Participants will learn how to identify ways to expand existing structures to be more inclusive of disabled people and create new methods of inclusivity.


Understanding Misinformation: How to Recognize and Stop the Spread of False Information – September 2020

Misinformation is a challenging and global issue that can have a real impact on people’s daily lives, but it can often be difficult to recognize or understand. Why does it exist, how does it spread, and what can we do about it? At this webinar, you will gain a deeper understanding of what misinformation is and how you can recognize it. We will explore the forms misinformation can take, where it appears, and how it spreads. We will also learn about strategies and techniques that you can use to stop the spread of misinformation and fake news online.

As the Head of Instruction and Engagement, Sarah Morris leads and plans library educational programs and engagement initiatives and works with librarians, faculty, and other Emory campus partners to support student learning and student success. Sarah also works with the English Department and offers support around information literacy instruction, outreach and events, research, and library collection development.

Prior to joining the Emory Libraries, Sarah worked as an assessment librarian at the University of Texas at Austin and as a first-year experience librarian at Loyola University Chicago. Sarah also has a background in museum education and educational consulting and is the co-founder of an educational nonprofit called Nucleus Learning Network.

Sarah’s current research interests revolve around media literacy education and misinformation. She has worked on a number of collaborative media literacy education projects with partners including the Mozilla Foundation, ACRL, and Global Voices NewsFrames. She is currently active with the Credibility Coalition and EveryLibrary. Aside from her interests in media literacy education, Sarah is also interested in high school to college student transitions, digital citizenship, and interdisciplinary approaches to information literacy education.


Continuing Your Project During a Crisis – August 2020

How to manage a project during a global health crisis is not something we’ve practiced, but even in these difficult times, we all want our projects to succeed. In this session, you will learn tips to minimize project challenges and disruptions by:

  1. Learning how your emotions impact your ability to think critically.
  2. Simplifying your project by completing a Project Charter.
  3. Minimizing detailed timelines and building schedules.
  4. Reflecting and recognizing that things will not always go the way you hoped.

Lou Russell has 30 years of helping organizations achieve their full potential working to inspire improvement in their leadership, project management and individual growth. Today, Lou is a leading executive consultant, a sought-after speaker, and an author of six books on topics including Instructional Technology, Human Resources, and Project Management.

Lou’s passion is to create growth in companies by guiding the growth of their people. Lou believes that training is often just part of the solution to business problems. At Moser, Lou and her team incorporate a wide variety of services and products that can be tailored to help companies solve unique challenges, making their employees happier and more productive. Her upbeat style, and humorous stories about on-the ground experiences gives her clients both the inspiration and the tools they need to improve the bottom line for their business.


Re-entry Reflection for Alumni – April 2020

In this webinar, you’ll reflect on your time in the US, your return home, and how you want to use what you learned in both experiences in your life going forward. Whether you’ve been back for several months or several years, it’s always helpful to look back at how living abroad impacted who you are and what you want your life and career to be like now. You’ll learn concepts that will help you talk about your re-entry experience with greater depth and meaning, and you’ll have opportunities to reflect and share with other alumni.

Dr. Cate Brubaker is author of The Re-entry Roadmap workbook, co-editor of the Arriving Well anthology, creator of the Study Abroad Re-entry Toolkit, and founder of She helps people all over the world turn the dreaded return home into a positive and transformative “Forward Launch.”


Building Resilience: How to Overcome Burnout and Manage Priorities – December 2019

Managing priorities related to family, health, work, and personal goals can be challenging. Our performance is strongest when we feel confident and in control in the face of being overwhelmed. So how can we build resilience when we feel like we are going to burn out?

Public speaker and business executive Gaby Mammone will teach you to identify your barriers and take control of your circumstances. Join us for this inspirational webcast that will empower you to be your personal and professional best


Making the Most of Mentorship – September 2019

From social media to multinational corporations, everyone seems to be talking about the value of mentorship. In this hour-long webinar, Tessa Adams discusses how finding a mentor can enhance your performance at work in richer ways than any book, podcast, or seminar could produce. We will also have a conversation about the importance of becoming a mentor and how that experience in itself will make you a better leader, business partner, and community member. Whether you are pursuing the career you always dreamt of or exploring a newfound interest, finding (and becoming) an effective mentor will positively impact you for decades to come.

CCI Live: Amplify Your Impact – July 2019

On July 27, 2019, the Community College Initiative Program hosted a virtual conference exclusively for CCI alumni. The conference sessions encouraged alumni to think purposefully about their impact at various stages of work and community projects. Expert speakers offered inspiration and concrete strategies for making a difference. Attendees also had opportunities to connect with fellow alumni to share ideas, resources, and experiences.



  • Sara Mohamed, Senior Program Manager, CCI Program; and,
  • LaRita Campbell, Program Officer, ECA

Keynote Speech:


Breakout Session 1

Crafting Your Legacy Statement
Lisa Glenn Nobles, Executive Director at CO+HOOTS Foundation


Breakout Session 2

Building Community Engagement
for Social Impact

Shivaani Selvaraj, Director of Urban Engagement at the Penn State Center Philadelphia


Breakout Session 3

Evaluating Your Impact
Bernadette Wright, Founder of Meaningful Evidence


Regional Networking Session 1:
Moderated by CCI alumni Arham Muhammad and Paromita Basak


Regional Networking Session 2:
Moderated by CCI alumni Edier Gomez and Marlin Estevez


Regional Networking Session 3:
Moderated by CCI alumni Olivia Aboui and Tumelo Mosweu


Closing Remarks

  • Scott Geddis, Organizational Leadership Consultant and President of Inspired Engagement;
  • Dana Brantley, Alumni Relations and Communications Coordinator, CCI Program; and,
  • Kara Newhouse, Alumni Associate, CCI Program


From Frustrated to Funded: How to Write a Standout Grant Proposal – June 2019

This webcast (recorded on June 17th, 2018) features professional Editor/Consultant Dr. Jennifer Butters covering key ingredients that make a grant proposal stand out. It will provide practical tips alongside issues to consider to maximize your chances of success. The session also will touch on what comes after a grant project – writing a report for the funding agency.


Leading Like a Champion: Using Lessons from Elite Teams to Strengthen Your Business – March 2019

This webcast (recorded on March 18th, 2018) features Talent Development and Performance Consultant Gerald Jones II helping new or aspiring business leaders focus their plans using three essential actions. Gerald draws real-life examples from championship sports teams and other high-performing groups to show how you can create a successful business from the start.


Balancing Act – December 2018

This webcast (recorded on December 17th, 2018) features life coach and wellness expert Vicki Moulton, CCP (Certified Coach Practitioner) as she leads a motivating discussion about work-life balance.


Meditation Activity
Try this easy 30-second guided meditation to relax and refocus. Find a comfortable seat where you won’t be distracted. This meditation is referenced in the webcast recording.
You’ll find more mini-meditations such as this one at


Emotional Intelligence at Work: How Understanding Emotions Can Help You Improve Yourself and Your Team – September 2018

This webcast (recorded on September 17th, 2018) features organizational effectiveness consultant, executive coach, and educator Dr. Sharon Wallace as she introduces the element of self-awareness of the Emotional Intelligence framework and how it can be useful on your journey toward further professional growth.


Once the Adventure Ends: Making Sense of Life after Returning Home from the CCI Program – June 2018

This webcast (recorded on June 25th, 2018) features international speaker, cross-cultural trainer, and author Tina Quick as she discusses what takes place in any major life transition, including “re-entry.” Tina discusses “reverse culture shock” and other unique re-entry challenges and how to develop effective strategies for coping with them.

Applying for the Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund (AEIF) – March 2018

This webcast (recorded on March 17th, 2018) features CCI Alumni, Ana Lucía Cole, discussing her team’s experience applying for the Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund (AEIF). By sharing the challenges she faced; everything from form completion, engaging with the US Embassy, choosing a topic, and the difficult task of thinking through real world scenarios and ideas before they become reality, the viewer will get an applicant’s perspective first hand.