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Leading Like a Champion: Using Lessons from Elite Teams to Strengthen Your Business – March 2019

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This webcast (recorded on March 18th, 2018) features Talent Development and Performance Consultant Gerald Jones II helping new or aspiring business leaders focus their plans using three essential actions. Gerald draws real-life examples from championship sports teams and other high-performing groups to show how you can create a successful business from the start.


Balancing Act – December 2018

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This webcast (recorded on December 17th, 2018) features life coach and wellness expert Vicki Moulton, CCP (Certified Coach Practitioner) as she leads a motivating discussion about work-life balance.


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Emotional Intelligence at Work: How Understanding Emotions Can Help You Improve Yourself and Your Team – September 2018

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This webcast (recorded on September 17th, 2018) features organizational effectiveness consultant, executive coach, and educator Dr. Sharon Wallace as she introduces the element of self-awareness of the Emotional Intelligence framework and how it can be useful on your journey toward further professional growth.


Once the Adventure Ends: Making Sense of Life after Returning Home from the CCI Program – June 2018

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This webcast (recorded on June 25th, 2018) features international speaker, cross-cultural trainer, and author Tina Quick as she discusses what takes place in any major life transition, including “re-entry.” Tina discusses “reverse culture shock” and other unique re-entry challenges and how to develop effective strategies for coping with them.

CCI Live: Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund (AEIF) Webcast – March 2018

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This webcast (recorded on March 17th, 2018) features CCI Alumni, Ana Lucía Cole, discussing her team’s experience applying for the Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund (AEIF). By sharing the challenges she faced; everything from form completion, engaging with the US Embassy, choosing a topic, and the difficult task of thinking through real world scenarios and ideas before they become reality, the viewer will get an applicant’s perspective first hand.

CCI Live: Global Leadership in Action – 2017

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On June 10, 2017, CCI alumni were invited to participate in the CCI alumni virtual conference, “CCI Live: Global Leadership in Action.” Virtual conference speakers such as entrepreneurs from the private sector, NGO and government leaders, members of the CCI team, and CCI alumni, presented on a variety of topics including global leadership, media literacy, grant writing, storytelling, and cross-cultural communication. To access the session archives, please click on the desired session title below.

8:00am PDT
Greetings from CCI Team (John Sedlins)

CCI Alumni Making a Difference: Alumni Panel (Charlotte West)

9:00am PDT

Session 1

Story Telling for Impact (ECA)
(Mary Kay Hazel, The Collaboratory, ECA)

10:00am PDT
Keynote Address – Global Brain Leadership Skills (Greg Tuke)
11:00am PDT

Session 1

Helpful Tips for Developing Your Proposals and Budgets
(Greg Johnson, ECA Alumni Office)

Session 2

Skills to Advance Peacebuilding Awareness
(David J. Smith)


12:00pm PDT
Closing Remarks (Joan Zaffarano)

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