Making the Most of Mentorship


Monday, September 16, 2019 at 9:00am Eastern Time (Washington, DC)
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From social media to multinational corporations, everyone seems to be talking about the value of mentorship. What’s all the buzz really about? In this hour-long webinar, we will discuss how finding a mentor can enhance your performance at work in richer ways than any book, podcast, or seminar could produce. We will also have a conversation about the importance of becoming a mentor and how that experience in itself will make you a better leader, business partner, and community member. Whether you are pursuing the career you always dreamt of or exploring a newfound interest, finding (and becoming) an effective mentor will positively impact you for decades to come.

About your Presenter:
Tessa Adams, M.Ed.
Adams County Children and Youth Services’ mentoring program, Project Hope

Powerhouse advocacy, networking expertise, and a passion for exposing the light within others – that’s what Mentoring Specialist Tessa Adams is made of. Her path to helping others find their way started in undergrad when she became involved in Residence Life. Since then, she has traveled the world from New York to Italy, working with youth who are considered “at risk” or working with young minds who seek to feel as fulfilled as Tessa does in her career. In Italy, Tessa developed a mentoring program for American youth growing up in the military and assisted them in finding universities to attend in the states. Soon after, Tessa moved to South Carolina where she earned her Masters of Education and developed her position as a Program Coordinator at the University of South Carolina. At USC, under South Carolina’s Department of Social Services, Tessa recruited and trained youth growing up in foster care to become leaders among their peers and advocate for change in the foster care system at the state level. It became evident that having a mentor set youth in foster care up for success more so than the youth who were growing up without an invested positive role model. Currently, Tessa works as the Mentoring Specialist for a mentoring program at Adams County Children and Youth Services called Project Hope. Due to intentionally recruiting mentors and meeting youth where they are at, Project Hope tripled in just a year’s time. The program continues to thrive and so do the youth (and the volunteers) who are a part of it. Tessa has seen first hand the difference a mentor can make in a person’s life, and in their career, and looks forward to sharing how to find a mentor as well as discuss the importance of becoming one.


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