Building Resilience: How to Overcome Burnout and Manage Priorities


Monday, December 16, 2019 at 9:30am Eastern Time (Washington, DC)
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Managing priorities related to family, health, work, and personal goals can be challenging. Our performance is strongest when we feel confident and in control in the face of being overwhelmed. So how can we build resilience when we feel like we are going to burn out?

In this webinar, public speaker and business executive Gaby Mammone will teach you to identify your barriers and take control of your circumstances. Join us for this inspirational webcast that will empower you to be your personal and professional best.

About your Presenter:
Gaby Mammone
Entrepreneur, Activist, Coach and CEO, Kind Projects

Award-winning keynote speaker Gaby Mammone is a presentation and speaking voice expert. She is a highly regarded entrepreneur, activist, and coach. Gaby is the CEO of Kind Projects, an organization that supports charities and not-for-profit groups through events, grant writing, workshops and marketing initiatives. She is an inspirational example of someone who has overcome adversity as she lives with a disability while successfully managing her business and family. Gaby helps people take control of their lives by teaching them how to accept change and enjoy their journey. Gaby is on a mission to improve performance through resiliency and kindness. You can follow “Gaby with one b” on Facebook and Instagram at @gabymammone or at


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