Re-entry Reflection for Alumni


Monday, April 20, 2020 at 9:00am Eastern Time (Washington, DC)
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In this webinar, you’ll reflect on your time in the US, your return home, and how you want to use what you learned in both experiences in your life going forward. Whether you’ve been back for several months or several years, it’s always helpful to look back at how living abroad impacted who you are and what you want your life and career to be like now. You’ll learn concepts that will help you talk about your re-entry experience with greater depth and meaning, and you’ll have opportunities to reflect and share with other alumni.

About your Presenter:
Cate Brubaker, PhD
Author | The Re-entry Roadmap & The Study Abroad Re-entry Toolkit

Dr. Cate Brubaker is author of The Re-entry Roadmap workbook, co-editor of the Arriving Well anthology, creator of the Study Abroad Re-entry Toolkit, and founder of She helps people all over the world turn the dreaded return home into a positive and transformative “Forward Launch.”


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