Emotional Intelligence at Work: How Understanding Emotions Can Help You Improve Yourself and Your Team


Monday, September 17, 2018 at 9:00am Eastern Daylight Time (Washington, DC)
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We all have emotions, but we can run into trouble when our emotions control us.

Emotional Intelligence (EI) involves learning to recognize and deal effectively our own emotions as well as those of others. Whether it’s a case of losing our cool in a meeting, becoming paralyzed when a colleague loses it, or breaking down over a stressful day, understanding professional situations through the lens of EI helps us do better the next time.

Join us for an introduction to an essential Emotional Intelligence framework. During this session you will gain an appreciation for how working with EI can be useful on your journey toward further professional growth.

About your Presenter:
Dr. Sharon Wallace is an organizational effectiveness consultant, executive coach, and educator who helps leaders transform themselves and their organizations through deeper self-knowledge, collaborative decision-making, relationship management, and teamwork.

Dr. Wallace holds a PhD in psychology and an MBA in management information systems. Her psychological research has involved understanding what makes strong, functional communities work.

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