Contributing to the Climate Movement


Monday, June 13, 2022 at 10:00am Eastern Time (Washington, DC)
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One of the key goals of the international climate movement is for our planet to not surpass a global temperature rise greater than 1.5 degrees celsius. For that to happen, action is required at all levels – global, national, local, community, and individual. But how can individuals get started? How can individuals continue and scale their action efforts? At this webinar, you will gain a deeper understanding of the youth climate movement, opportunities for getting involved in the movement, how to identify problems and solutions, and the process for creating, implementing, and scaling action plans. We will also discuss challenges young people face in trying to act on climate and some solutions to address those challenges.

About Your Presenter:

Pooja Tilvawala was born in India but raised near Philadelphia. In 2018, she graduated from American University with degrees in Economics and International Studies, specializing in justice, ethics, and human rights, and South Asia. After graduating, Pooja worked as a Project Associate for the Meridian Institute, committed to collaborative problem-solving on environmental issues.

In January 2022, she began her role as Youth Engagement Manager of The Climate Initiative. She also works part-time as the Executive Director of Youth Climate Collaborative, which she founded in November 2020. Her latest project is a podcast, Dare to Envision.

She is active in networks and programs including YOUNGO (the official UNFCCC youth constituency), Coalition WILD, and Aspen Institute’s Future Leaders Climate Summit. Her purpose in life is to nurture her curiosity and creativity, encourage herself and others to challenge the status quo, and unite people to improve the quality of life for all.


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