CCI LIVE: Virtual Events participants are eligible to earn digital credentials (aka badges) by attending each live session. Designed around the goals and values of CCI Program, badges celebrate professional development, global community-building, and increasing our knowledge. (However, you will only receive this badge for attending the live session.)

For general information about badges, see Educause’s 7 Things About Badges & Professional Development.

CCI LIVE: Virtual Events is fortunate to partner with Credly, a leader in workforce and academic micro-credentialing. Credly has partnered with the American Council on Education (ACE) to recognize workforce training. Credly also supported the Educause Learning Initiative (ELI) to recognize professional achievement in academia.




CCI LIVE Online Presenter

This badge recognizes those who spoke at any CCI Live Online Events throughout 2018.

CCI LIVE Online Event Participant

This badge recognizes those who participated in CCI Live Online Events throughout 2018.

How to Claim Badges

Qualified participants will receive an email notification from in the days following each live session. This email communication will contain detailed instructions on how to claim the badge.

For More Information About Digital Credentials